The Army Museum of Singapore

armyeeTake your family to visit the Army Museum of Singapore. Share your National Service (NS) stories with them along the way. The good, the bad and the funny.

Here’s a summary of what Gheetaman, a Dads for Life forummer, had to say:
Most Dads who have gone through NS will remember the SAF’s 7 core values of Loyalty to Country, Leadership, Discipline, Professionalism, Fighting Spirit, Ethic and Care for Soldiers. And, there is an unofficial 8th core value: Do what you want but don’t get caught. Ok, the last one is a joke. But you get the point. The Army is not just about strategies or weapons systems, it’s about people.
arms2So what is NS really?
To me, NS is about building strong friendships and a sense of belonging. Honestly, the days leading up to my annual ICT (in-camp training) can be dreadful as I’ll be thinking about work, family and especially how my wife will cope. At times, it feels like an absolute waste of time and an unnecessary disruption, yet often, after ICT the first thing I do is to tell my wife how much fun I had catching up with my friends.
arms3Why NS is important to me?
Simply, I love my family and friends and I am privileged to be able to contribute to the peace and stability of this country. Like a family, a country divided against itself cannot stand, let alone defend itself. The stability and freedom of our small country is dependent on every Singaporean. Like a family, we are all brothers; one, regardless of race, language or religion.

Most of us have become Dads and I’m very sure these stories will be passed down to our children – the future sons of Singapore.
arms4The Army Museum of Singapore  is located in the SAFTI Military Institute, near the Singapore Discovery Centre at the western part of Singapore. It  opens from 10am – 6pm daily, including public holidays. Mondays are the only exception.
arms1Click here for:
Directions and Map
Ticket prices and Terms of Free Entry Admissions


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