I Trapped a Dolphin But It Really Wasn’t My Fault – A Book for Dads and Young Kids

Trapped a dolphin 1The second title in Neil Humphreys’ Abbie Rose & The Magic Suitcase series published by Marshall Cavendish (Children) has a quirkily long but delightful name.

I Trapped a Dolphin But It Really Wasn’t My Fault, is bursting in its seams with gold-glittering creativity, bathed in a veritable smorgasbord of colours from designer-illustrator Cheng Puay Koon’s artistic, fun-loving palette.

The opening page charms adults and kids alike with Humphreys’ signature humourous wit, enshrined in Abbie Rose’s comparison of Daddy’s (hairy) legs and those of a giraffe!

Amidst shreds of light-hearted and engaging conversations between Curious Child and Dear Daddy, the book reads, at times, like a loveable dictionary-insert of sorts: Big Words are dissected, then served in delectable bite-sizes for young ones.

Daddy’s Dolphin tales spark Abbie Rose’s itch for adventurous exploits, transporting her, the Magic Suitcase and best-friend-cum-faithful-companion Billy, deep under the ocean.

Dressed in rainbow-coloured fabric, Billy comes alive and finds his distinctive “bright-sparks” voice underwater. Alas! Dolphin and Billy soon get into – and out of – trouble, both thanks to high-spirited Abbie Rose!

This enchanting tale celebrates spontaneity, courage, friendship and fatherhood, as Daddy provides space for imagination to soar and children re-emerge wide-eyed, refreshed and yes, a little wet!

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