Creativity Websites for Dads with Teens

During this life phase, teens often feel a need to conform to their peers or mainstream values, which can stifle their creativity. These websites generate creativity through allowing teens to exercise critical judgment, be willing to change one’s initial ideas, see things from another perspective and experiment with alternative approaches. Creativity is developed through learning to honour emotions, which can often be intense and volatile during the teenage years, and expressing these emotions through various art forms such as music and dance.

My Pop Studio

MyPopStudio stimulates critical thinking about the underlying messages in the pop-media culture in which impressionable teens are profoundly shaped by. The site encourages reflection on attitudes about beauty, body image, celebrity culture, and self-identity. Teens learn how to challenge assumptions and develop a strong sense of self-identity, which helps protect them against the body image and self-esteem issues that often arise during adolescence.

Tate Kids

Tate Kids connects the art of the past and present to the world of blogging, on-line activities, storytelling, and craft making. Teens can select pieces from the Tate Kids Collection or upload their own artwork into the “My Gallery” space and create a personal virtual museum available to visitors around the world. Dads can weave in an art history or theory lesson when discussing their children’s selection of pieces. Dads can also introduce teens to diverse and unconventional art forms to help them recognize that free expression of ideas and emotions is more important than perfectly replicating an existing object.


Muxtape is a music uploading site that allows teens to craft a virtual mix tape or listen to other user-created mixes. Muxtape is a user-friendly way for teens to discover new music, or share their new mix with their friends and family members. Music has been shown to have a key role in helping teens define their identities, with different genres appealing to different kinds of teens. Through selecting certain songs that evoke certain themes, teens can express their feelings and moods, as well as resonate with peers undergoing similar experiences.


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