Creativity Websites for Dads with Young Children

Creativity first begins with generating ideas, speculating and creating new associations between ideas. These websites offer young children the opportunity to daydream, pretend and immerse themselves in fantasy worlds where they can relate with others.


Kids can use their reading and writing skills to create original stories by themselves or co-author stories with family members and friends. Additionally, they can view other kids’ stories, which can inspire the development of new ideas.

We Make Stories

Using the site’s Comic Genius tool, kids can create a comic strip about their family. Kids and their dads can learn more about each other’s preferences through dressing the characters, choosing a background to vacation such as the seashore, and writing talk bubbles of conversations. The site allows kids to move beyond their current reality and explore new possibilities for the future.


Shidonni lets kids draw an animal that “comes to life” as an animation. Kids can then create a habitat for their creature, feed it with food, and send it off into the universe to explore and play games. Dads can have their kids ‘care’ for their virtual pets and then check in on how their kids’ animals are growing; caring for others in turn teaches kids to develop other-awareness, i.e., to shift their focus beyond themselves toward other community members.

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