Saboteur – A Game for Dads and Kids

saboSaboteur is really something to be experienced!  Bring it to the holiday chalet and you will find yourself playing this most engaging game, most of the day!

The game has two key types of players called dwarves and miners. The objective of the game is for the miners to find as much gold as possible, while the dwarves try their very best to sabotage them. The identity of the dwarfs and miners are kept secret throughout the game.

Miners begin by building a continuous path from the Start Card to a Goal Card, while the saboteurs do their best to prevent this from happening; without being too obvious because they do not want to be discovered.

This game can be played with 5 players or more and is really fun if played in the company of friends. It is a great ice breaker and kids enjoy it because it is quite easy to play.

Finally, a game where you can say, “Why you sabo me?”


Categories: At Home, Games & Toys, Indoors, Low Budget, Short

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