Lake Kenyir – A Holiday Surrounded by Misty Mountains

Kenyir BoathouseTasik Kenyir in the state of Pahang, Malaysia, is a serene freshwater lake surrounded by misty mountains. The lake alone is approximately 38,000 hectars which is close to twice the size of Singapore.

Dads who enjoy angling will love it here. Just ride out on a motorboat with your child and teach him to bait. You’re likely to get bites from Catfish, Carp, Green Arowana and other fresh water breeds, within minutes. Aim to catch the elusive Snakehead known locally as the Toman. It will be such a thrill for your child to catch his family a sumptuous fish for dinner.

There are three ways to experience your stay here:

Request for a boat to take you to a nearby waterfall. There are many here and the Lasir Falls is among the biggest and most spectacular.

For more recommended Lake Kenyir activities, click here.

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