Sungai Lembing Village and Mines

sg_lembing_1Back in 1888, Sungai Lembing was the El Dorado of the East. People came from all over Asia to look for work in the British-owned tin mine.

Today however, the tin mine has been converted into an adventure park cum museum and  your can take your children to this unusual holiday location for rides on rickety mining trams that will take you deep into the windy old mining tunnels.

Stay the night in one of the homestays at the friendly Sungai Lembing Village  just five minutes’ walk from the foot of Bukit Panorama. Rouse your children before the cock’s crow for an easy walk up the carved steps on this hill. Take a jacket with you because it’s shiveringly cold at the top. The views however are breathtaking and you’ll be able to catch the sun bursting forth to warm the earth.

Return to the foothill for breakfast at the nearby kopitiam. Have a hearty family breakfast and visit the Sungai Lembing Food Industries to learn how noodles are made – with fresh natural spring water, over a charcoal fire, and pounded with a wooden pole. Click to watch the video, you’ll want to see it for sure.

There are also opportunities to visit rivers, waterfalls and limestone caves. Check out the friendly blogosphere to find out more, here.

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