Batik n Surf at Cherating

batikbeachIf you’re looking for a rustic beach getaway, look no further than the town of Cherating in neighbouring Malaysia. You can choose to bask in the luxury of Club Med here, or seek a resort that fits your needs and budget at Adventurous dads may even want to try setting up camping tents.

Go for a walk along the main street and you will discover the beauty of traditional malay batik fabric being meticulously made by hand. Look out for shops that provide affordable packages for children to try out designing, waxing, painting, boiling and drying  their own batik artwork. As a keepsake, they will get to take home their own beautiful batik fabric creations.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, visit the local pasar malam and look out for the delicious eastern Malaysian food. Do not leave without trying out the crowd favourite – Keropok Lekor dipped in a mild chili sauce.

At night, take a river cruise on a paddle boat to experience a forest lighted by a host of mysterious fireflies.

All the best things in life are here,  the sun, surf, sand, grass, some grazing goats and yourselves. And it’s quiet at Cherating, without the city lights at night. An altogether wonderful place for dads to come to relax with their families, to re-connect and talk, heart to heart.

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