Creativity Websites for Dad with Pre-Teens – Meet me at the Corner


This Kids’ You Tube alternative allows pre-teens to upload their own short videos, learn the editing process, and discover new, related sources of information. By offering insight into others’ lives, this site helps pre-teens to broaden their horizons and exercise flexibility in their views. Dads can encourage their children to contemplate more deeply about their lives and how different or similar they might be to other pre-teens around the world.

Creativity for pre-teens involves expanding existing knowledge through brainstorming sessions and exposure to a diverse community. Pre-teens will learn to experience other cultures and ways of living and to respect and appreciate the choices of others. These sites encourage teens to engage in both visual and verbal thinking, reflecting by themselves and tackling issues with others through communicating freely without the fear of judgment.

Categories: At Home, Free, Indoors, Short, Websites

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