Reach for the Stars – Skyview App

mzl.yemrxhbw.320x480-75Have you heard of the phrase “Reach for the stars”? It means to dream big and aim high. It has probably inspired many to break through barriers that they didn’t think they could overcome.

When dads teach kids astronomy and allow them to marvel at the dazzling night sky, their minds and imaginations will open up to dreaming and thinking things bigger than themselves.

One way to get your children enthusiastic about astronomy is to let them play with SkyView, a fantastic mobile app for the beginner astronomer.

Just launch the app and point your iPhone or iPad skyward and you will see an augmented-reality view of the most beautiful stars and constellations that are directly above you! It’s quite an amazing sight. Tap your finger on the constellation identified on the screen and information about it will pop up as well.

You can also run a search for specific celestial bodies that you want to learn more about, and the app will tell you where it’s position, in relation to you.

If your child is sufficiently inspired, you may even want to take him on a camping and stargazing trip to Pulau Semakau with the Singapore Astronomy Club. You’ll be awestruck by the experience of sleeping under a clear view of a thousand twinkling lights!

Available on: iPhone, iPhone Touch, iPad, Android


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