Stay on Top of Family Schedules with Life360

Life360As your children get older, you’ll find it a lot easier to plan and manage your family life when you have a tested system that helps you stay on top of everyone’s busy schedules.

Get your wife and children started on using the Family Locator by Life360 app. All they’ll need to do is click “check-in” whenever they arrive at a destination, and at any moment, you can open and check the app to find out where everyone is.

It’ll help you coordinate schedules too. For example, using the app you will know if you’re the one closest to your child’s tuition centre, so you can pick him up when he’s done.

The Family Locator comes with a built-in chat for your family, so you can use the app to drop a note to discuss your family plans for everyone. It’ll save you a lot of time reminding each person to be aware of and prepare for the next family activity, for example, bringing the appropriate sports gear or wearing the right shoes.

We’re pretty sure that this app will encourage family bonding too as everyone will be more aware of the other’s movements and you can easily start chatting about everyone’s day during dinner.

Best of all, apart from helping you stay in control, you’ll also be able to track down a lost or stolen phone. The app will find it for you if you’ve left it at the office, or on the couch at home.

It’s little wonder that this app has hit 27 million-registered users worldwide!

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry


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