Educational Websites for Dads and Kids – Edheads

Edheads   Activate Your MindEdheads is a non-profit organization that provides free educational activities online. One game food game to try out is Simple Machines, where five animated activities are used to introduce levers, wheels, axles, inclined planes, gears, wedges, screws, and pulleys.

After your child have mastered the basics of these simple machines, move on to discover how these tools are combined to build complex compound machines – the wheelbarrow, stapler, and can opener.

Other games that we’d recommend are:

  • Crash Scene Investigation
  • Aortic Aneurysm Surgery
  • Design a Cell Phone
  • Odd/Compound Machine

For dads who might like to go further, check out the community of educators who have volunteered additional resources to go with the games.

For example, as part of the Crash Scene Investigation game, a volunteer recommended Egg Pitching, an offline activity where you and your child can work together to find ways to throw eggs at high speed and not have them break! The goal is to use the theories behind air bags in automobiles to find the best way to protect the egg from impact so you can throw it faster and further.

With Edheads, learning is fun!

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