Mobile Apps for Dads and Kids – MIT App Inventor

MIT App InventorIt is no longer surprising that a child as young as two can manipulate his parent’s handheld device to play a game. But at what age can this child begin building apps?

With the MIT App Inventor for Android phones, it become nearly as easy as fitting different puzzle pieces together, and, there are some children of primary school age who’ve had success.

For most however, parental help will be needed, and that’s where dads come in. Guide your child using the provided age appropriate resources to explore, learn and build apps.

Your child will be mighty proud to have built an app with dad’s help!

While it is preferable to own an Android phone so you can play the game on your mobile device itself, this is not necessary as you can just as easily test it out on your computer.

One Dad was so inspired by his three children’s success (ages 12 to 7), he implemented the teaching to an entire class in his children’s school!

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