jollympicsDads! Organise your very own mini version of the Olympics – the Jollympics!

Number of players: 2 – 10

Age: Best suited to schoolchildren and tweens, ages 7 and up.

Playing field – an open space/field/sandpit/grass patch.

Materials required: 10 cones, 2 wastepaper baskets, 2 basketballs, 2 footballs, 2 tennis balls, 10 marbles (2 sets of 5), 4 spoons, jump rope, raffia string and scissors, 2 batons, 10 bean bags, 50-cent coins, frisbee, measuring tape, stop watch, homemade “medals” to be awarded for the Jollympics events (draw or use clip art print outs and paste on cardboard, add ribbon for best effect).

How to play:

1. Form two teams to play in a series of sports and games, or compete as individuals.

Possible events include: 20m sprints, 4 x 10m shuttle runs, 4 x 20m baton relay, 20m 3-legged race (minimum 4 persons), long jump, marbles, football shooting, football, skipping, 4 x 20m slalom ball-dribbling relay (football and basketball), 4 x 20m slalom bean-bag balancing (bean bags balanced on the head) relay, 4 x 20m tennis-ball-in-spoon relay, sit-ups, push-ups, tennis ball toss, and basketbee.

a. Tennis Ball Toss: Players take turns throw a tennis ball into a basket placed 3 metres away.

b. Basketbee (combination of basketball and Frisbee): In this non-contact game played over two 10-minute halves, a team scores points by throwing the Frisbee into its opposing team’s “goal” (a basket on its side at each end of a 20m by 10m play area).

If a player drops the Frisbee, does an incomplete pass, or commits a foul (body contact, or grabs and snatches  Frisbee), he turns over play to the opposing team.

Allow for a 5-minute rest interval between each half of the game.

2. Use cones

• as distance markers in sprints, relays, tennis ball toss and long jump segments

• to designate play area for playing marbles and basketbee

• as goal posts in football and shooting events

• as dividers in slalom events.

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