Mobile App for Dads and Kids – Chop Chop Tennis

Chop Chop Tennis   GamerizonChop Chop Tennis is an amazingly well-made game that very young children can quickly become good at. You’ll have to pay US$0.99 to download it into your iPad, iPhone or iPod but once you’ve got it there, you’ll be watching your child squeal with delight as he tries his hand at the fast-paced game.

Choose from 8 different energetic and highly motivated characters and get started right away. You’ll see the tennis ball flying fast and furious towards you. Just swipe your finger on the screen and you’ll watch the ball smoothly bounce back. This is made possible with the beauty of touch-screen technology.

You can choose to play a singles or doubles game against the computer. Better yet, choose to play against each other! All you’ll need is an additional device connected to the same wi-fi network.

In the beginning, it may feel as though it is a matter of luck whether your serve lands in or out of court. But, as you become familiar, you will intuitively know when and how fast to swipe away!

Other games in this exciting series:

  • Chop Chop Ninja
  • Chop Chop Runner
  • Chop Chop Soccer
  • Chop Chop Slicer
  • Chop Chop Kicker
  • Chop Chop Hockey
  • Chop Chop Caveman

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