Twister with a Twist v1

twister_with_a_twistInspired by the crazy Japanese game show, Hole in the Wall, and the family game, Twister, this hybrid game requires family members to ‘twist’ their bodies to ‘get through’ the game smoothly and swiftly together -with no major mishaps!

It’s a ball of fun! Dads, this is one initiative you can safely assign to your kids to execute while you site back and enjoy the participation.

Number of players: 2 – 8

Age: 7 and up.

Materials required: Sheets of vanguard or mahjong paper (pre-cut into various shapes and coloured), blindfolds, sticky tape, a blank wall or doorway.

Preparation: Divide players into two teams, preferably with a good mix of adults and children in each. One player from each team will be the designated instructor. Other team members will be blindfolded. Each team will create a “game wall” for its opposing team by pasting various coloured shapes (triangles, squares, circles, stars, hearts, or flowers) on a wall.

How to play:
1. Each team writes down up to five instructions for its opposing team, such as: a knee on every circle; a foot on a red shape; a bum on a star; or a hand and an ear on any blue shape. Make it as difficult and confusing as possible for the opposing team to accomplish the tasks.

2. When it is a team’s turn to play, the instructor tells his blindfolded teammates how to complete the tasks set by the opposing team.

3. Note that instructions are to be adhered to continuously in sequential order, on top of the previous instruction, resulting in a “compounding effect”.

4. Assign a referee to prevent outrageously tough instructions (near impossible instructions take the fun of out the game).

5. Award points based on the number of levels (instructions) successfully completed and the total time taken. For beginners or games with less than four players, blindfolding is not necessary.


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