Twister with a Twist v2


Here’s another version of our earlier post “Twister with a Twist”. And it’s just as much fun as the first one!

Number of players: 2 – 8

Age: 7 and up.

Materials required: Sheets of vanguard or mahjong paper (pre-cut into various shapes and coloured), blindfolds, sticky tape, a blank wall or doorway.

Preparation: Divide players into two teams, preferably with a good mix of adults and children in each. Paste mahjong paper (pre-cut with holes) across a doorway. The holes can be of various shapes, but are usually human figure silhouettes in different poses.  Blindfolds are optional.

How to play:


1. Taking turns, each team must go through the holes in the quickest time without tearing the paper. Award points based on time taken.

2. Prepare many pieces of such mahjong paper with pre-cut holes, and vary the shapes. To ensure impartiality, ensure that each team randomly chooses the pieces. Players must mimic the pose and fill up the space in the hole as much as possible.

4. Assign a referee to decide if a rule is broken during play or if the mahjong paper is significantly torn in the process; no points will be awarded in these instances.

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