Zygote Body – Learning Websites for Dads and Kids

zygoteZygote Body is a free application that dad can use to teach his children all about the human anatomy. Its rendering of the body’s anatomical parts is simply superb. Your child will be awed by the intricacy of the human body.

Guide your children as they choose to view both the male and female bodies. Click to observe the various body systems from skin, muscles and bones all the way to veins and nerves. Zoom in to look at each organ or body part in detail or entirety. Pin a specific organ and rotate to view it in 360°. Click to read and identify the name of that specific part.

Now that you’ve viewed the Zygote Body in all its complexity, help your child visualize and appreciate his own body. Here’s one fun game to try. Get your child to lie down on a mahjong paper while Dad takes a marker pen and draw the outline.

Step back, and together, figure out where his brain, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys and intestines are and draw them in. Finally, have some colouring fun by letting your child finish this gigantic art piece with watercolour and paint brush.

For dads who prefer a less messy activity, complement the Zygote Body experience with learning fun from The Anatomy Arcade and The Anatomy Game.

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