Maki Rolls

Most Singaporeans will sooner buy takeout than cook at home. If that describes you, here’s an idea: just about anything involving the kitchen will be a novelty for the whole family—even when cooking is minimal!

A simple but interesting dish to make with your kids is maki-zushi, or Japanese rice rolls:



  • Cooked Japonica rice
  • Sushi vinegar
  •  Nori seaweed
  • Filling: canned tuna, crab sticks, carrot…. This is where you can get creative. Separately, try local flavours like:
  • Otak otak
  • Ikan bilis with egg omelette
  • Sambal udang
  • Pickled ginger
  • Wasabi
  • Soy sauce
  • Plastic wrap or, for added authenticity and fun, use a bamboo sushi mat.

If you can think of something local that works – do share it with us on Dads for Life lah!

1) Mix the sushi vinegar into the cooked rice. (Fanning the rice while you mix it will give it that shiny, sushi-like appearance—get your kid to help!)
2) Lay 1 sheet of nori (glossy side down) on the plastic wrap/bamboo mat.
3) Spread 1/2 cup of the rice onto the nori. Leave a little space at the edge for sealing the roll later.
4) Line your filling across the square of rice. Roll up your maki in the plastic wrap/bamboo mat.
5) Cut the maki roll into serving size. Done!

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