Solve Crimes with Ace Attorney

AceWe all love police or courtroom dramas. Especially those that are so well-written, they give us, the audience, a chance to solve the cases along with the characters.

The well-loved Ace Attorney series of interactive courtroom games by Capcom have finally arrived on iPhones and IPads. In the game, you play the role of rookie lawyer Phoenix Wright as he gathers evidence to defend his clients, and outwit his formidable rivals and powerful opponents.

Besides a cartoonish design and its trademark over-the-top drama (which helps tone down the violence inherent to the genre), what we love about the series is it doesn’t patronise players with trivial puzzles, but rather offers logical problems that will challenge both child and adults alike. For dads with children aged 10 or older, Ace Attorney gives you a chance to solve genuinely tough problems with your children, while giving you a platform to explore some mature subjects together.

The game is now available on Apple iTunes. The first two chapters (which are quite long, we should add) are free downloads.

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