Daddy and Daughter Running Date

Idea by Hoong Wei Wong

My Idea for Dads and Kids is to use existing events to add to your family’s itinerary of experiences. The ‘Run To Walk’ movement provided an opportunity for quality time alone with my older girl. After all, my full attention and time off my busy schedule are gifts money cannot buy. The idea was to combine the run with a few other activities that I knew she’d love: (1) cutting and pasting (2) taking a double-decker bus (3) having a meal alone together. More importantly, the conversations we had in those few hours were meaningful, and helped us to build trust in our relationship.

Dads and Kids will love this because for daughters, quality time is depositing into her emotional bank account. My daughter sees mummy a lot more often than she spends time with me, and she treasures my full attention. I like it because it promotes a healthy lifestyle too. I also enjoyed making new friends with the other runners. Looking back on daddy-daughter dates can also teach the young one what to [and what not to] look out for when it comes time to finding that special someone!

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