tohIdea by Toh Jiun Wey Wayne

My Idea for Dads and Kids: Ever since I’ve become a single father (WTF – Wayne The Father), I have brought my 4 children out for a few photograph(eeee) outings.

We have been to the old railway station at Tanjong Pagar, railway tracks along Upper Bukit Timah Road and a few NParks. In fact, the word photograph(eeee) was the inspired by my 4 children as one of them has the alphabet ‘e’ in their name.

Dads and Kids will love this because while not all my children will love photography, outings like these will allow them to put on their observation hats and begin to appreciate the things they see all around. Children take photos of anything. Their photos will inspire questions and that is when teachable moments are created. Dads who like photography should give this idea a try.

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