Let’s DIY a Birthday Cake Dear…

Arsheitha_s_7th_b_day_at_The_Icing_RoomToolbox Idea by Radhakrishnan Ganesan

My Idea for Dads and Kids : This year I took my daughter to 313 Somerset’s The Icing Room for a DIY-Design it Yourself birthday cake. We were each given a plain cake for icing with together with colour piping cones, decorations and candles. Convenient rolling stands for cake rotation during decoration and stools for our little ones were also provided. My daughter was fully occupied for a full hour busy decorating her colourful cake. I helped to squeeze the piping bags when required and had a chance to chit chat with my little princess. We got to cut the cake in the dining area and I must say she enjoyed the experience thoroughly. She says it is her most favorite birthday celebration so far.

This activity is artistic and develops concentration power in kids. It is recommended for children above 4 as they must be able to hold piping bags independently.

It is a great activity for other occasions too like gifting DIY cakes for their friends, or as a surprise gift for mother’s day.

Dads and Kids will love this because it is a a creative artistic outing and a welcomed break from our regular routine. The kids will love designing their own cake and getting to eat it later. There are no big crowds, just our immediate family members, and so our precious kids get our full attention on their special day. Although her DIY cake wasn’t professional, we were proud it was done by her tiny hands. We loved it as it made her birthday unique.


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