Avillion Village Resort, Port Dickson – A Family Getaway

Thinking of a get-away to Malaysia for a unique kelong-like resort experience?

In the water chalets in the Avillion Village Resort, Port Dickson, your family will get to sleep above the ocean in rooms built on the seashore, with balconies that allow you to enjoy being right up close to the sea.

Children can roam the pet farm and feed animals such as chickens, terrapins, rabbits and gerbils. They can also enjoy themselves in the kids’ pool, slides, kids’ playroom or participate in cooking programmes to try and make their own pizza and roti prata.

Adults can take a cool dip in a separate pool, away from the noise and splashes coming from excited children. Better still, they can also visit the Spa for therapy sessions.

Families can play table soccer and board games together, or take a 10 minute ride to the nearby shopping mall for go-kart activities at RM20/10-minute.

avillion1Retreat to the beautiful, clean beaches at low tide. Dads and moms can accompany kids to spot fishes and catch various species of crabs with their bare hands. Learn to observe the creatures closely before releasing them back into water.

The stroll around this picturesque Malay-style seaside resort is delightful, as one is  serenaded by the music and breezes of the sea – all day and night!

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  1. Dear Mr Wan
    Please visit the following url http://www.avillionportdickson.com/ for more details.
    We’re glad you liked the post!
    Best Regards
    The Dads for LIfe Resource Team

  2. Dear Sir

    I am the Psg secretary of Ping Yi Secondary School in Chai Chee Street.

    Kindly provide us the details of this AVIATION village Resort Port Dickson for planning into our family bonding programme.


    Wan Peng Wai. ( Mr.)

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