More Ideas for Beating the Exam Stress

laughingHere are more cool ideas from our “Exam” dads for beating study stress:

Use humour. Read the daily comics together. Tell jokes. Dads can share silly stories of what he did during his exams in school.

Doodle and Jam. Artistic teenagers enjoy drawing while musical teenagers love making music. Paint or sing some tunes with them.

Play with Pets. Encourage to kids to play with their cat, dog, hamster or guinea pig. It can be very relaxing as animals naturally provide unconditional love.

Deal Some Cards. To help your kid cope with exam stress, deal out some UNO cards. There are also old school card games like Snap and Happy Family that can be completed in half an hour. Do also connect with our very own Dads for Life Knowing Me, Knowing You cardpack. Request for a pack here! Click on the General Enquiry link and write in for a Knowing me Knowing You Cardpack together with your name and mailing address.

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