Study Break Tips – “Feed the Brain”

ngchoonhengEducator, Ng Choon Heng, 57, has a practical answer to the question: “What fun things do you do with your kids during study breaks?”

“You feed them,” says the father of four boys and a girl. He explains that you are effectually, “feeding the brain” when you give children healthful food.

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapist Philip Ang adds, “Have a chat to help them to feel relaxed.” He reminds us that such breaks are merely for light discussion, “Avoid interrogating your child about his studies. This might cause more stress, and your efforts to connect with him or her in this way might backfire.”

Here are some suggestions for combining conversation and cooking to give your child a break, and at the same time provide healthful snacks.

Go Bananas:

bananas• Create a Banana Octopus for a fruity brain snack.

• “Make a Banana Smoothie together and have a yummy drink,” says Geoffrey Chew, 47, dad to Isabel, 14, and Isaac, 12.  Need a smoothie recipe? Check out Smoothie Web.

• Make a Smiley Face Sandwich, using bananas slices for eyes. Other great sandwiches include the Oink Oink or theButterfly.


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