Study Break Tips: Studying vs “Screen Time”

mobilecomputerDad in a dilemma. How much television, computer gaming or video time to allow during the examinations?

Behavioural Specialist and dad of 2, Philip Ang, takes a pragmatic approach. “Dads need to be the timekeeper. Begin and end the activity together once time is up so that he can get back to revision. Your child will develop a habit of keeping to a schedule. At the same time, you serve as a good role model in time management.”

“Watching and laughing over a comedy or funny clips on YouTube together releases endorphins -the body’s natural ‘feel good’ hormones- and creates a sense of joy and pleasure,” says School Counsellor Rona Tan.

To fully harness the benefits of screen time, dads can ”use technology to connect with their teenagers. Send them a light hearted and caring SMS, MMS, e-mail, e-card or Facebook message.”

Here are some tips for an “Online Study Break”

• Play Familiar Games. Now is not the time to try something new. But if you need direction, consider The Canadian Fatherhood Initiative Website’s Super Dads Super Kids Game .

• Get cool printoutsDisney Family Fun Website’s Printables page is a treasure trove.

• Send Themed Messages. Think of a theme such as “Pirates” send each other a string of SMSes and MMSes based on that at each study break. That way you remain connected with them, even when you are at the office, for instance.

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