Leadership for Kids – Instilling Perseverance

Perseverance3In today’s society where people crave for instant gratification, succumb to temptations easily or are inclined to take the easier, faster way out, perseverance becomes a key quality that differentiates one leader from the next.

Dads can use the platform of Sports to impart this leadership quality to his kids by, for example, patiently coaching his son how to perfect a particular racket or ball technique; or steadily encouraging and supporting his daughter to not give up and to keep focusing on doing her best till she finishes.

Introduce kids to the value of “perseverance” through movies and books. Endurance stories of sportsmen and sportswomen can also be used to drive home the message: All who ultimately win and succeed, have consistently demonstrated strong will, commitment, grit and resilience in their journeys towards achievement. They all possess a “Can-Do!” spirit in the face of difficulties.

A true leader never says “Die”; he only says “I Will Try. Again.” He is the “Tough One” that gets going, when the going gets tough.


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