Leadership for Kids-Teamwork

Tic Tac Toe
Dads who enjoy playing X-Box games at home can let their kids play “Ghost Recon” under guidance. Turn this video game of military tactical shooters into a valuable lesson on the importance of teamwork and hone a group commanding leader! This is what Dads can do:

  • Pair 2 siblings in the same team.
  • Equip them (electronically) with different types of “firearm” such as machine and sniper guns, so each gets to carry out distinct roles and functions in the war field of play.
  • Harness knowledge and experience from Dads’ army days – teach the kids about warfare strategy, manoeuvres, tactics and topography.
  • Stress the importance of looking out for each other’s safety, security when faced with the threat of common enemies.
  • Emphasise the “No-Man-for-Himself-in-Combat” art and skill of co-operation and teamwork!
  •  Explain one’s “demise” in the game threatens the well-being and “life” of the other. There is more danger with one less “soldier” to help watch your back!
  • Praise the children’s efforts in staying and fighting bravely as a team to successfully complete a mission and defeat the “enemy”.

When kids win as a team, Dad-The-Mentor-Cum-Warfare-Coach shoots instantly to Number 1 Superhero! Who says fathering cannot both be fun and “glamorous”?

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