Leadership for Kids-Thinking out of the Box

Tic Tac ToeLeaders succeed through setbacks, learning from mistakes, devising ways and equipping themselves with valuable lessons to overcome stumbling blocks.

Teach your kids to lead by “Thinking out of the box”.

Dads Beware: Pre-conceived notions, expectations or standard instructions tend to curtail and stifle a child’s creativity and child-like sense of originality.

Thus, we suggest that an “open arena” without walls or artificial constraints, for new, dynamic and refreshing ideas to form be created. Provide kids with large pieces of white mahjong paper and colourful crayons. Ask each child to draw and paint his “Dream World” but be mindful not to “over-instruct” or confine him to any particular boundaries or thinking pathways. Tic Tac ToeThe less said, the better. Sit back, relax and enjoy his creation of a myriad of possibilities!

Deliberately give your children space to experiment and enough room to think – by and for themselves. This will help hone their leadership skills to find effective solutions to problems encountered.

Sometimes, parents need to allow their children to fail. This way, they can be trained to pick themselves up, innovate and emerge stronger and wiser.


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