Leadership for Kids-Putting Others First

Tic Tac ToeLeaders think not solely for themselves but also consider the interests of others. They seek to create conducive environments for all to enjoy, thrive and benefit from activities undertaken as a group.

“Selfless” instincts are not inborn and kids need to learn to share possessions and empathise with other people’s needs.

One Singaporean Dad shared an effective way to get children to view matters from another’s perspective. Mr Tan’s young boys bickered often over toys. Tic Tac ToeOnce, he made them each pen 2 short journals, entitled “Why do I like to quarrel with my brother?” followed by “How can I argue less with my brother?”

The first sought to openly identify underlying reasons for the quarrel. The second provided an avenue for them to offer practical suggestions on how best to avoid or minimise similar unpleasant consequences in the future.

Each boy was then made to read aloud the other’s journal. In doing so (interestingly each was amused by what the other wrote and laughed about it), they gained a better understanding of each other’s perspectives and what triggered the argument.

More importantly, they learnt to consider the views and interests of others before self – like a true leader would.

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