A Book for Young Readers – The Good Father

goodfatherThe Good Father & Other Stories is a wonderful compilation of the thoughts and insights into fatherhood as seen through the eyes of former prison inmates.

Combining winning entries from essay writing competitions organised by The Singapore After-Care Association (SACA) for homeless ex-offenders in 2010 and 2011, on the theme of fathers, this book is ideal for young readers (14 years and above) as the stories inspire an even deeper appreciation for fathers and the role they take play in their children’s lives.

“I want to be there for (my son) to guide him when he is unsure and scared. I want to build his confidence…” (Pg 11).

The writers deftly connect you to the poignancy of fatherhood itself, as they capture the many layers of being a dad, whether it has to do with a father’s sacrifice and commitment, courage and strength, or unconditional love, hope and reconciliation.

Every story contains heartfelt reflections on the solid foundations that being able to rely on one’s father can bring, as well as the depth of anguish and uncertainty of those who do not, or cannot have the presence of their father in their growing years.

Dads might want to pick up this book for themselves, not just for the sharp insights into what fatherhood means, but also for how the essays reveal the souls of those who yearn for forgiveness and reintegration.

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