Reading Rockets – Website Review

This is a website you can use to help encourage your kids to read. And boy, does it have ideas for anyone, from struggling parents to school principals!

Remember, this is a reference website for adults. So, do not get your kids to surf this on their own while you are busy with something else.

We suggest you check out the themed booklist (under Children’s Books & Authors) if you want your kid to indulge in books on a specific topic, say, on embracing a newborn younger brother or sister without getting jealous. Kids hate nagging and so do we. But, if we put a nice storybook on family values in their hands, we can watch the learning unfold on its own.

readingrocketsBe sure to also look out for their:

  • Booklists on perennial favourites like dinosaurs and bugs, chosen by children’s literature experts.
  • Videos & Podcasts for short and very relevant videos, where children’s authors and teachers talk about the importance of cultivating early reading habits and practical solutions.

Instead of spending time skimming through YouTube videos on Psy, Hyuna and annoying local motorists, why not watch a few videos over at Reading Rockets?

And, if you come across any good YouTube videos that encourage children to read, do share it with us too!

Drop us a link in the comment box below!

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