10 Great Dad Blogs

We read to be entertained, and we read to learn. And when we read these blogs by dads, we discover that there are a lot of universals in fatherhood and we are not walking alone.

Here are ten blogs that we enjoy reading. We hope that you will appreciate hearing from these dads and their journeys as much as we do.


wingsCheekiemonkies: Triple the Fun, Triple the Trouble

URL: http://www.cheekiemonkie.net/
Dad: Kelvin Ang
Kelvin’s a dad of three and a pioneer in the local blogging scene, having started way back in 2005. He’s famous for the useful lists that he generates to help Dads be there for their kids. We like the survival items every father needs as well as the many lists of holiday and weekend activities. One post that sent chills up our spine is the chronicle of how he had lost his son at Legoland. Aside from that, there are many stories of tender moments with his children, particularly with his youngest girl whom he affectionately calls Diva.


wingsEd: Unloaded

URL: http://edunloaded.com
Dad: Edmund Tay
As an experienced father of three and a speaker on parenting, Daddy Edmund has lots of wisdom to share. Discover his thoughts on why you should praise your child’s effort rather than his intelligence, what to do when your child throws a tantrum, and at what age you should start sending your child for formal enrichment lessons.
Ed is also a contributor and speaker for the Media Literacy Council. If you’re wondering how to shape your child’s engagement with the media, read Ed Unloaded for tips.


wingsNick Pan: Nick Pan

URL: http://nickpan.com
Dad: Nick Pan
Nick appreciates the beauty he’s surrounded with, as husband of a beautiful wife and father of three lovely girls. We enjoy the artistry in his blog, as well as his wit. Among his best are the touching letters he pens to encourage and affirm his daughters. Nick also enjoys experimenting with fashionable online tools, providing us with gorgeous graphics and videos. Check out the uber cool cup song with daughter video and digital postcards of quotes.


wingsPatrick Pang

URL: http://patrickpang.com
Dad: Patrick Pang
Patrick is both a builder of family and community. Among the projects he’s started is Punggol 21 and @Punggollatest, a Facebook Page and twitter account respectively. Recently, Patrick became a ‘Shaper’ at Global Shapers Community Singapore. This is a forum that organises and facilitates collaborative innovation in sustainable living. What an example of leadership he’s setting for his kids!


wingsSengkang Babies: Ambassadors of Fun!

URL: http://sengkangbabies.com
Dad: Andy Lee
If the Gross National Happiness people polled dads like Andy, the survey will surely show Singapore to be the happiest place on earth. With four children at home, Andy’s constantly got family activities and outings planned. We won’t be surprised if he’d tried, tested and blogged about every family-friendly place in Singapore. Do read his blog for reviews.

For off-island destinations, Andy’s driven enough miles with his family to share insights on road trips into Malaysia from Ipoh and Penang to Cameron Highlands. He’s also taken them as far as Taipei and Australia’s Gold Coast.

One outstanding thing we’ve noticed is how Andy is constantly appreciating his wife, who works tirelessly to manage their busy family life.


The BlogFather

URL: http://blogfather.sg/blog/
Dad: Winston Tay
Winston is the visionary behind Dear Xander, The BlogFather and Daddy Matters. The first is a carefully written book of letters to his beloved son, Xander. The second is a journal of his experiences and reflections on fatherhood. The third is a collaborative work with other fathers in the social media world.

Through Winston’s work, Dad Blogs are becoming a force to be reckoned with in Singapore.


Beyond our Shores

wingsMade by Joel

URL: http://madebyjoel.com/
Dad: Joel Henriques
Joel is the dream-come-true kinda Dad who loves sitting with his children and crafting with them. He blogs about the creative inspirations that he’s had and provides paper print-outs, colouring sheets and step-by-step instructions. Read his blog for easy and beautiful home craft projects, and never be short of ideas for indoor activities again.

Our favourite is his animated fire-breathing dragon card for Father’s Day!


wingsJohn Cave Osborne

URL: http://www.johncaveosborne.com/
Before you visiting this blog, we’d like to advise you to put aside any food or drinks lest you spurt them all over your computer screen whilst reading John. We chortled at almost every post and What Happens in the Bathroom Stays in the Bathroom had us wiping tears off our eyes. Click on enjoy!


wingsSweet Juniper

URL: http://www.sweet-juniper.com/
Dad: Jim who used to be a lawyer
Jim now calls himself a Gentleman of Elegant Leisure. What inspires us most about Jim’s blog are the posts he writes about making quality toys for his children including elaborate play costumes and more costumes. Read to find out how this Dad works to create fun-filled family moments.


wingsSchuyler’s Monsters: Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords

URL: http://www.schuylersmonsterblog.com/
Dad: Rob Rummel-Hudson
When Rob’s daughter Schuyler was three, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare neurological disorder that left her with developmental and fine motor issues, occasional seizures and unintelligible speech. His posts are encouraging for all dads, not just those who have children with special needs.

Although Rob writes, “I know now that Schuyler can make it without me, and probably even thrive.”, that was not always the case. Listen on … “I’m failing Schuyler. I don’t fail her for lack of trying; I like to imagine that there aren’t many fathers who try harder than I do. But trying isn’t succeeding, and the sinking feeling that I’m just not doing well enough for her has been threatening to overwhelm me. I don’t see it as a result of depression. I see it as my ability to recognize an ugly fact. I don’t feel like a very good father these days. I don’t even feel like an adequate one.” Click to continue…

About the Author: The Dads for Life Resource Team comprises local content writers and experts, including psychologists, counsellors, educators and social service professionals, dedicated to developing useful resources for dads.


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  1. Good compilation! I am not aware of so many dad blogs around! Congrats to Kelvin and Andy whom I know through blogging 🙂

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