I Miss My Pet-A First Look at the Death of a Pet

Tic Tac ToeI Miss My Pet-A First Look at the Death of a Pet by Counsellor and Psychotherapist Pat Thomas, is a useful picture book to have on hand when talking with your child about his grief and loss over an “animal buddy”.

“Each pet is a special friend…We all want out pets to be with us forever. But just like all living things, pets die.”

Illustrated by Lesley Harker, I Miss My Pet is peppered with touching pictures of families with various types of pets: cats, dogs, fishes, rabbits, tortoises and hamsters –capturing them in happy times and sad moments.

Death is described as “a natural part of life.” And, the author goes on to explain why pets die: “They can get sick, or have an accident, or just be very old.”

Read it with your child to help him better understand an abstract concept that may be difficult for his young mind to grasp. In addition, comfort him as he mourns. Invite him to talk about how he feels if he wants to.

Use the boxes found asking: “What about you?” They house questions such as: “What special way can you think of to celebrate the life of your pet?”

Finally, the section, How to Use this Book, contains notes for dads, mums and teachers helping children come to terms with the loss of their pets.

I Miss My Pet, published in 2012 by Wayland Australia, is available in Singapore’s Public Libraries.

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