Day 1 – Dad’s 8 Day Guide to Better Work Life Balance

p1“Any working dad can achieve and maintain a sustainable, fulfilling life.”

Does that sound like a pipe dream? Try this 8-day guide, and find out how you can attain work-life balance and create the space to enjoy life’s ups and downs.

For the next eight days, we will be posting one tip on how you can start on your journey with just 15 minutes a day.

What you will need:

  • A quiet place that gives you 15 minutes alone, without interruption of any kind.
  • Start each session by taking in a deep breath, holding it briefly, and exhaling just as deeply and slowly. Repeat 8 times.
  • Focus your mind on your breathing, filling your lungs as much as possible, then exhaling as completely as you can each time.

Next, take the remaining time to reflect on these thoughts:

Day 1

As a dad, you might be among the busiest people around, considering the responsibilities of work and family. However, remember that taking good care of yourself is just as important as tending to your work and family priorities.

For today we will start you of by thinking about the physical, intellectual, emotional, relational and spiritual dimensions of your being.

For your overall well-being, you need to pay attention to all five aspects. Think about how much time you spend on each of these. Rank these with 5 being the dimension you spend the most time on and 1 being the least.

Click for Dad’s 8 Day Notepad

For your easy reference, here’s the rest of the 8 Day Guide:


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