Day 3 – Dad’s 8 Day Guide to Better Work Life Balance

Given our driving work culture to be productive, efficient, profitable; spend some time today, reflecting on your need to fill up the “spaces” in your life and to do things as fast as possible – even when on holiday.

Ask yourself whether this approach helps your life, or harms it.

Does this still and satisfy your heart?

What the things that bring you the most enduring satisfaction in life?

Are you spending enough of your time nurturing those things?

Note it down: (To keep your entries, please enter email in the box below)

Click for Dad’s 8 Day Notepad

Do remember to start each session with the following:

  • A quiet place that gives you 15 minutes alone, without interruption of any kind.
  • Start each session by taking in a deep breath, holding it briefly, and exhaling just as deeply and slowly. Repeat 8 times.
  • Focus your mind on your breathing, filling your lungs as much as possible, then exhaling as completely as you can each time.

For your easy reference, here’s the rest of the 8 Day Guide:


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