Playing Video Games Together!

video_games.0_cinema_640.0Toolbox Idea by Angelia Ng

My Idea for Dads and Kids is… to play video games together. Do your best to screen them and even learn how to play them so you can experience this part of your kids’ world.

Here are the benefits:

Firstly, your kids will “kick your butt,” to use their phrasing. This is one activity where you’ll never have to let them win. It’s a good thing for children to occasionally see their parents as human and vincible. Secondly, hilarity at your lack of dexterity is guaranteed. Finally, some games mimic real-world activities such as table tennis, bowling, baseball, skiing, and dancing  and these are certainly much better than games where people blow each other up. However, do set time limits, lest the virtual realities take over your reality.

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