Love You! Toolbits 1/50

Over the next 50 days, Dads Toolbox will be posting one “Love you!” Toolbit a day, that you can use to affirm and build up your kids. As they grow, find their way around life and are figuring out for themselves who they are, communicate regularly that they are valued and loved unconditionally.

Dr Gary Chapman, well known counselor and author, says that all of us receive and express love in the following 5 ways:
• Words of Affirmation
• Quality Time
• Gifts
• Acts of Service
• Physical Touch

Take a test here to determine the love language of your family members. It will help hone your efforts to express your best to your kids.

Our first “Love You!” Toolbit is:


When they talk to you… stop what you are doing, look into their eyes and listen.

Dads for Life: Say “I love you” to your kids

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