Making Footprint Moulds

footprintsIdea by George Ngoh

My Idea for Dads and Kids is to make full use of the tropical sandy beaches we are surrounded by in Singapore by making Footprint Moulds.

Materials: Photo frame, sand, plaster of paris and some sea shells for extra decoration.

1. Remove the cardboard backing from the photo frame and carefully discard the glass from the frame.
2. Place the cardboard backing over the front of the frame and flip it over – this will create a nice box that you can then fill with sand.
3. Carefully stamp each foot into the sand to make a nice impression.
4. Gently and slowly pour the mixture over the sand, starting in one corner and covering the whole inside of the frame.
5. Use a piece of cardboard to level the mixture.
6. Once you’re sure your plaster has set, remove the cardboard from the front, tip the frame over and dust off the excess sand and you will have a sand footprint.

It’s fun, easy, cheap and you can keep it as a memento of your child’s growing years.


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