Bicycle Ride from East Coast Park to Changi Village

Toolbox Contribution from: Sameer Desai

cycling east coastMy Idea for Dads and Kids is to bicycyle from East Coast Park to Changi Village. The ride is absolutely brilliant! It is about 20km one way, but you can turn back at any time if you don’t want to do the entire 20k.

The great news is that you can rent bikes from PCN Bike which offers the facility of picking up the bikes in ECP and returning them to Changi.

We went cycling with our 8 year old son yesterday, and despite never having cycled for long before this, we all managed to cycle 40km to and fro! It’s a leisurely bike ride along the sea, through the forests, and then parallel to the Changi airport runway so it’s got a lot of variety. Also, because the ride is all on the Park Connector routes, you only cycle on pedestrian and cycling tracks excepts for 2 places where you just have to cross the road on a pedestrian crossing. So its absolutely safe!

I would recommend you carry water, lots of healthy snacks, some energy boosters like chocolates, fruits. You can rent a basket to put in the front of the bike along with the bike rental, to put all this in!

I would highly recommend you take advantage of this lovely part of Singapore, especially now, when the weather is still great!


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  1. This is AWESOME! Thanks for the father-child perspective. My daughter has recently discovered a love for cycling and I was thinking about ridig from our home at Kembangan down to East Coast Park and then up. Now I know it’s safe! 🙂

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