Try this Paper Clip Trick

This school holidays, let kids “gravitate” home and occupy them with some simple science experiments conducted right in the living room!

No need for complicated apparatus: Just let them “mess about” with some string, a bunch of (4) keys and a paper clip – to learn about gravity!

(Refer to

2 siblings can co-operate with each other by:-
a) Using a measuring tape to measure 1 metre of string;
b) Tying the keys to one end, and the paper clip to the other end, of the string;
c) Putting the string over one’s finger with the keys hanging straight down, just a few centimeters below, whilst the other child holds the other end with the clip.

Mom and Dads can pique the children’s curiosity by asking them what might happen next or what they would expect to see, if one lets go of the paper clip end.

Encourage them to share the basis for their views and reasons. For younger kids, give clues and ask probing questions where necessary.

As the heavier bunch of keys falls, it “pulls” forward the string with the paper clip end. The “gravity demonstration” is over in a wink of an eye – so repeat it a few times to prove the point!
Materials needed Measure the string

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