String Telephone

This is a call for parents (and children alike) to ditch your iPhones or Androids, at least for a while!
Gather together instead to re-make a good, old fashioned String Telephone!

Use this experiment to demonstrate how sound travels through both air and objects, how vibrations on the string “carry” sound waves, and illustrate the impact made by tautly or loosely held strings.

As this experiment requires the participation of, and communication between, 2 or more persons, Dads can even turn it into a valuable occasion to showcase the importance of communication between groups of people and aptly drive home adverse consequences of the oft-said “broken telephone line”.

Encourage the kids to source and gather all materials needed, such as paper cups, string, scissors, pins and paperclips. It is good for children too to learn where certain common household items are kept in the home! With a pin, create a tiny hole in 2 paper cups and insert a 2 metre long string to connect them together.

You can visit if you need more detailed instructions.

Dads can help their children put on their Thinking Hats. Pose questions and explore different scenarios like what if there were 3 or more people on the line. How would that work?

Dads can assure children that even if they get the answer wrong, it would be alright since real learning takes place when mistakes are made.
Gather the materials required Pull the cups apart till the string is tight

Talk & listen to each other through the cup

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