Making Recycled Paper with Dad

This experiment allows a rare opportunity for Dads and Kids to “Go Back to Basics” – make their own recycled paper from old newspapers! This an environmentally friendly exercise, as well as liberating for young kids to be given parents’ permission to cut or tear up old newspapers into small bits, add water, corn starch to mix and turn them into “yucky fodder”.

Basically one just needs to shred the paper, soak in hot water till mushy, add cornstarch, strain and spoon the pulp between sheets of clean aluminum foil. Place a heavy stack of newspapers (or books) on it and let it sit till ready (1-2 days) to create New-Paper! Please see for more detailed instructions.

Kids who tried this experiment realised that tearing up the newspapers is more efficient than using scissors to cut them up (as originally instructed by Dad)! They learnt to improvise, improve on the original instructions given and apply modified methods, with a successful outcome!

With supervision and support from Dads, turning old newspapers into recycled paper or creating beautiful ‘Thank you’ cards is a very cool yet meaningful family activity. Dads can further “incentivize” these young, enthusiastic scientists, by offering to purchase their DIY products for a token sum, letting them earn some pocket money!
Step 1-Shred the paper Step 2-Place paper in a pot
Step 3-Soak paper in pot until mushy  Step 4-Spread mushed paper out
Step 5-Let it sit for 1 to 2 days to dry Recycled paper Cards

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