Family Fun with Dancing Raisins

Somehow, children always have fun playing with food. If parents can’t beat them at it, then they might as well join them and have a ball together! Here’s how. Visit this link. It will give you an idea how to involve your kids in a simple, fun and easy to prepare experiment to make raisins dance. All they need are some raisins (yummy!), a fizzy drink (yeah!) and a clear glass to hold them in! Let the children do as much as possible on their own, including getting the items ready. Carrying out science experiments also provides children with opportunities to learn to follow instructions closely, and to achieve the objective of the task at hand. Parents and kids can get creative and innovate on the challenge further by considering if other suitable substitutes, like cola drinks or uncooked pasta, would work equally well? This adorable “Dancing Raisin” experiment seeks to demonstrate concepts of buoyancy, density, pressure and carbon dioxide gas. Dads can explain this idea using real-life scenarios such as that of why life jackets are able to hold up a person and enable him to float in water. Ah! Isn’t it wonderful that kids can learn through Play, Drinks AND Food?

What you need – Raisins, a fizzy drink & a clear glass Place raisins in glass of fizzy drink

Categories: At Home, Free, Indoors, Science & History

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