T-Shirt Painting

T-Shirt-1-425Idea by Poay Hoan Ngoh

My Idea for Dads and Kids is paint your own T-shirt.

It is so easy. And, it’s also a perfect way to spend a holiday afternoon. You will have something great to wear at the end of it. You can paint the T-shirt for your children or they can do it themselves. Either way they’ll love wearing the end result. The best part is that you can buy plain white T-shirts incredibly cheaply, and painting on them is no more expensive than painting on a big piece of paper. You can’t beat personalising your own clothes, and it’s much more fun, so much cheaper and about 1000 times more personal than buying a commercial slogan or branded T-shirt.

Wondering what you should paint?

You can get ideas from anywhere, off the web, from the TV or from your kids’ latest favourite film release. Fabric paint is not expensive and if you only buy a few colours you can mix it a bit of acrylic paint to get the exact colours you want.



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