Play Sports Together

Idea by Mohomad Suhaimi

My Idea for Dads and Kids is to play sports together. One of the sports that I have introduced to my son is badminton.

Badminton is a great sport to begin with it as it can be played anywhere, even at the void deck.

Since it was a long weekend holiday, we played badminton at the multipurpose hall. It was my son’s first time playing badminton. Thus, I had to teach him the basic rules, how to serve and hit the shuttle.

I made him practice till he got the momentum. It was fun!

It was a time of laughing and teasing each other. It was great! It also helped to strengthen our dad-son relationship.

On top of all that, surprisingly, we were drenched with sweat.

Fathers and children thinking of trying this out should remember to bring a water bottle as it will come in handy.

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