Books for Dads with Young Children: The Adventures of Mooty

“The Adventures of Mooty”, authored by Singaporean Jessie Wee, was inspired by a chance kitchen encounter with a real mouse. She started weaving imaginative tales of a kind-hearted mouse character donning a “sarong” going on adventures spanning from a hole in the wall, to a hollow in the tree, a pond, school, parties and hide-and-seek!

It all begins when Mooty’s “sometimes-straightened/curled” tail gets mistaken for a sewing thread and hunger pangs lead to nervous quivers and hysterical shrieks by the Satay-man and Grandma.

Feeling unwelcome, Mooty feels sad and moves out; only to discover a new exciting world. Clever Mooty has great ideas, works hard and is always willing to learn – even his ABCs! Eager to help fellow animals and insects in distress, he befriends many and soon becomes a hero in his new home.

It’s a good read for dads and kids as it can encourage children to learn from Mooty’s good example of being a community player, looking out for others in need and a whole bunch of other “Aesop-like” values. Hilarious, bizarre “tales” of the “tails” of baby twin lizards “Tchitchik and “Tchitchak” playing hide-and-seek, will also tickle both adults and kids alike.

First published in 1980 as a collection of 10 titles, the series was republished in 2009 in 5 books each with 2 stories, and vividly illustrated by artistic strokes of Kwan Shan Mei.

Jessie was bestowed The Lifetime Achievement Award in Children’s Literature in 2012 by The National Book Development Council of Singapore, for her invaluable contribution as a pioneer in developing quality local literature for children.

Here’s a preview of the titles:
Book One:
Mooty and Grandma
Mooty and the Satay-man

Book Two:
Mooty Moves Out
Mooty Saves a Life


Book Three:
Mooty Goes to School
Mooty Plays Hide-and-Seek


Book Four:
Mooty and the Spacemen
Mooty the Spacemouse


Book Five:
Mooty Falls in Love
Mooty Has a Son

The Mooty series is published by Marshall Cavendish and available here.

The series is also available at Singapore public libraries. Search for it here.

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