BBQ With Dad – Planning & Decision Making

Children nowadays are lucky as they hardly need to get their hands dirty, cook or wash.

If meals at home are normally prepared by mummies and/or with the assistance of a domestic helper, why not give them ladies a day off?

Daddies: Take the Kids shopping instead and embark on some “Basic BBQ Lessons”, by getting the kids to think about the following:

  1. How is food cooked outside the home kitchen?
  2. How to start a good fire? How long will it take?
  3. What kind of “BBQ Trade Tools” would be needed (equipment/crockery/aluminium/tongs)?
  4. Allocation of a reasonable budget.
  5. Creation of a DIY menu, taking into account the tastes of every family member. Who likes to eat What?
  6. Estimating the appropriate quantity to minimise food wastage and leftovers!
  7. Food hygiene and safety practices (eg. raw meat should be well-cooked).
  8. Delegation of duties for preparation, cooking and cleaning up, so everyone plays a role in making the BBQ an enjoyable family activity.

A family with strong bonds works, helps out, cooks, eats, laughs, plays, and simply enjoys time spent together! And a sizzling outdoor BBQ under the evening skies and stars simply makes it that much more memorable!


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