BBQ With Dad – Tricks to Setting Up & Starting a BBQ Fire

#1: Use the right type of charcoal for optimal fire control.
– Recommended types include the “mangrove charcoal” which are easily lit and provide reasonably consistent heat ideal for BBQ. “Briquette charcoal” whilst less easily lit, produce less smoke. Check with the charcoal vendor!

#2: Charcoal needs to be absolutely dry!
– Always pick up a new, dry packet of charcoal. Do not use an old sack of charcoal that has been left in the closet or outdoor backyard for ages! It would save you unnecessary sweat, toil and tears from fanning for eons without creating that critical spark!

# 3: Fire Starter
– Don’t, of course, forget the small, humble but very important fire starters, without which the night may be a long and hungry one!

#4: The Charcoal Stack-Up
– For a successful fire, the charcoal lay-out structure and stack-up techniques are crucial!
– Neatly stack charcoal to an appropriate height and in a “bridge-like” formation.
– Place charcoal pieces in a manner closely surrounding the fire starters, but without covering them up totally. There also has to be enough space for air to get through.
– Dads: be prepared to get your hands charcoal dirty like a true BBQ “fire-crackling” hero!

#5: Remember: Patience and Technique is key!

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